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TALC is the anti-fast-fashion par excellence.
The textile sector is the second most polluting industry in the world. Creating, producing and transporting clothes has cost the planet dearly for decades.
And while global awareness seems to be dawning on the horizon, the textile industry has never been so polluting.

At our level, and with all the humility of a young brand, we want to go against the dictates of a sector that pushes for ever more creation and inevitably more consumption and pollution.

Freed from fashion codes, TALC offers a permanent collection embellished with new colors, materials, models according to our desires and our encounters.
Our only obsession: to offer you clothes that make you feel good without disregarding their impact on our environment.

To take care


Simple, clean and durable clothes.
Clothes that we wear every day, without make-up or guilt.
Fair prices that respect growers and manufacturers and that democratize access to quality eco-responsible fashion.
No excesses, no snobbery, no race to create.
No plastic. Eco-friendly packaging and consumables.
And of course, the use of natural and artificial fibers (be careful, not synthetic!) produced without pesticides.

Water-saving, respectful and sustainable eco-materials.

Produce with reason


Our clothes are made in the north of Portugal. This is where the best European know-how in weaving, knitting and tailoring is found.
The workshops or small factories with which we collaborate are selected not only for their professionalism but also for their social and environmental commitments.
We visit them regularly to control our productions but also to maintain a human link with the bosses and the workers.

The rate of production depends on the state of our stocks. We manufacture small quantities, around a hundred pieces per model/colour, in order to guarantee a constant turnover and to avoid overproduction.


Tencel™ lyocell

TENCEL™ Lyocell is made from fibers produced by the Austrian company Lenzing. Its exceptional fiber is produced from wood pulp, mainly eucalyptus (FSC sustainably managed forests).
Unlike ordinary cotton cultivation which requires an intensive irrigation system, Tencel™ requires little water. In addition, Tencel™ produces 10 times more material than ordinary cotton per hectare cultivated.
It is a healthy, breathable and resistant fabric, comparable to silk. Its refreshing effect makes it particularly pleasant to wear.

Learn more about Tencel™ lyocell


Supima™ cotton

Softer, more resistant, silkier than classic cotton, “Supima” labeled cotton is considered the most premium cotton in the world. Highly controlled, its cultivation is only authorized in Texas and California and comes from eco-responsible agriculture.
Pima (name given in homage to the Indians of the same name) is a cotton with extra-long fibers. Supima (for “superior Pima”) represents 1% of Pima production. With fibers 35% longer than average, Supima cotton is a guarantee of rare and exceptional quality.

Learn more about Supima™


organic cotton

Organic cotton is a breathable, soft and crease-resistant material.
It requires 10 times less water than conventional cotton (source WWF study for C&A). Only natural fertilizers are authorized to promote its cultivation. Thus, organic cotton is much more respectful of the environment and the health of workers.
It is also more durable because its fibers are better preserved and are not damaged by chemical treatments, systematic during the production of ordinary cotton.

Learn more about organic cotton

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