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The page is blank, and it feels good. Come on, and for a second, get away from the sound and the fury of our colour-saturated world. Live inside your own cosy walls. And a new joy is born : the pleasure of creating, of being and of rediscovering yourself.

TALC transforms this necessary pause into a lifestyle. An essential care given to daily life. Ample clothes settle around your home. Pure lines, basic cuts, fabrics as soft as a cuddle.
TALC is a protective and regenerating enveloppe that inspires the body, the mind and gets you ready for the world. Heal to feel.



Our line of reasonable essentials is a statement. A clothing freed from social representation but aware of its impact on the environment. TALC grants its major role to the garment. It invites you to take care of yourself, and to promote co-existence.

To the hectic pace of regular collections, TALC favours permanent essentials, and only a few capsules here and there. TALC produces less, but with the most responsible savoir-faires in Europe. Ecofriendly materials ensure sustainability and comfort, a fair price is the guarantee of the respect due to both the ones who make and the ones who buy.



Alexandre Maïsetti’s line of conduct can be drawn. He is the creator of Talc, and as a young man he started his art on Parisian rooftops. American Hip Hop nourished his love of Graffiti which soon became graphic design, coton fabric and finally woven textile. Alexandre created a first fashion label, then a second one. He explored France, the world, developped his knowledge of the marketplace, of fabrics and European producers.

For 15 years he has been connecting with people. This connection now creates the 4 letters of an ideal : TALC.

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