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What is Supima® cotton, the ultimate in cotton?

For several years, cotton growing has been regularly singled out by environmentalists because it is polluting and particularly water-intensive. If organic cotton is a more environmentally friendly alternative, Supima® cotton is another. We invite you to discover without delay this material which combines many advantages.

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What is Supima® cotton?

A cotton that comes to us from the USA

"Pima" is a variety of cotton that originated in the early 20th century in the United States. It is distinguished by fibers that are 35% longer than those of the classic cotton flower.
The Supima® brand, a combination of the terms "superior" and "Pima", was registered in 1954. This implies that its production follows strict standards, in the same way as a textile label.
Currently, Supima® cotton represents only 1% of the cotton crop in the world, which corresponded to 800,000 bales in 2006. This is explained, among other things, by the fact that it needs heat for a long period to develop. As these ideal conditions are found in regions such as California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, the cultivation of Supima® cotton is currently restricted to these areas.

A cotton in tune with the times

The particular fiber of Supima® cotton being more durable, it corresponds in this sense to the expectations of consumers who wish to favor the purchase of clothing that is both resistant and comfortable, rather than accumulating them at low prices and of poorer quality. Moreover, these same consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of turning to textiles with a low environmental footprint. This is the case with Supima® cotton, which is grown in an eco-responsible way and requires much less water than conventional cultivation.

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How is Supima® cotton different from regular cotton?

The fact that the Supima® cotton fiber is longer than that of regular cotton gives the finished product greater softness while also making it less prone to tearing and pilling. Its finesse also gives it the particularity of absorbing dyes more deeply. As a result, textiles retain their original color longer. Thus, you have in your hands not only a garment of incomparable softness that persists over time, but also a textile that retains its new appearance, wash after wash.

The many advantages of Supima® cotton over conventional cotton

Unparalleled comfort to the touch

In addition to being the source of clothes and linens that stand the test of time, the fiber woven from Supima® cotton is also lighter and more breathable. It is therefore very pleasant to wear in the summer or during a sporting effort, because it allows you to stay cool, even when you are hot. As it is also softer, you benefit from a silkier touch. Whether you choose to dress in clothes or sleep in sheets or pajamas made from the Supima® cotton fiber, you will feel like you are living in an environment where everything is soft.

A culture that preserves the environment

Supima® cotton is grown in a very strict regulatory framework whose originality is based on the use of the latest technologies. For example, growers use satellite imagery to monitor the development of their crops. This allows them to be reactive when it comes to countering an attack of parasites and to precisely target the area concerned, thus considerably reducing the quantity of treatment products. In addition, water consumption is optimized, which contributes to soil conservation. In concrete terms, Supima® cotton needs very little irrigation, watering allows a large part of it to return to the soil, thus minimizing its drying out and erosion.

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Supima® cotton and you

Which Supima® cotton products to choose?

If you haven't had a chance to try Supima® cotton before, start by buying a T-shirt . This will give you the opportunity to enjoy its incomparable softness and comfort for many years, as well as its breathable properties during your sports sessions or in hot weather.
However, why dress in this sublime material only during the day? If you are rather chilly, even under the duvet, opt for long Supima® cotton pajamas, you will noticeably gain in comfort during your sleep. And if you're not chilly, you can opt for fresh and soft pajama shorts .

And if you really want to change your nights, you can also invest in Supima® cotton bed linen. When you sink between your sheets, you'll feel like you're in a real cocoon of softness, not to mention that if you sweat, the breathability of the fiber will prevent you from getting soaked in the middle of the night.
On the other hand, you will benefit from the resistance of Supima® cotton and will be able to use your bed linen for many years, wash after wash.

supima fabrics

How to take care of your Supima® cotton clothes?

Even if your Supima® cotton garments are stronger than those made from classic cotton, that's no reason to neglect their maintenance. You will therefore machine wash them at 30°C or 40°C max.

When you get out of the washing machine, you will take care to stretch them so that they return to their original shape. If you want to escape the chore of ironing, the trick is to lay your Supima® cotton garments flat or hang them on a hanger. You can also iron them, but at the minimum temperature. You should also know that it is useless, even inadvisable, to put them in the dryer. The fiber being very light, it evacuates a maximum of water during the spin cycle. So you get a textile that is practically dry after washing.
Now that you know a little more about this material that combines softness and durability, you probably want to try it, if only to feel its unparalleled comfort.
Discover our range of Supima® cotton T-shirts, lounge pants and even underwear now and enter a new era of clothing that respects both your well-being and the environment.

Check out our unisex Supima® cotton sets here:
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