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How to choose your pajamas to sleep well? Our complete guide

For you, it is not possible to sleep without putting on a night garment.
However, you struggle to find one that will be comfortable while satisfying your aesthetic requirements. To choose THE ideal pajamas that will accompany you in the arms of Morpheus, follow us, we will guide you!

choosing the right pajamas

What are the good reasons to wear pajamas?

Feel more comfortable sleeping

In general, wearing good pajamas makes you feel more comfortable during sleep. It sometimes even inspires a certain security. On the other hand, when you're getting ready for bed, swapping your street clothes for your pajamas tends to ease your mind. This creates a "sleep routine" and tells the brain that it's time to get ready for a good night's sleep.

Men's Khaki Supima2 Suit

Men's Khaki Supima2 Suit

Warmth and better hygiene

Wearing pajamas also allows you to avoid cold snaps by warming your body. This is all the more important if you move a lot and your duvet is regularly at the level of your feet. Thus, well covered, you no longer wake up because you are cold. It's also easier for you to face the morning chill when you get out of bed.
Finally, pajamas contribute to better hygiene; it prevents dead skin cells and body oils from settling on the sheets.

Each season has its pajamas

Warm and cozy winter pajamas

Wearing pajamas during winter nights, which are particularly cold, guarantees that you will maintain your body temperature throughout the night. You will therefore choose it in warm and soft materials such as short velvet or silk, but also in soft cotton such as Supima® cotton, the king of cottons.
If you are chilly or if you prefer to keep your room cool, you will opt for pajamas with long sleeves and legs to cover your entire body.

winter pajamas

Lightweight materials for summer

If it seems logical to put on pajamas during the winter, it is not a reason to sleep without when the warmer temperatures return. As we wrote above, we don't just wear pajamas to keep warm. In summer, you will therefore turn to lighter materials such as linen or light cotton. The short form of pajamas or "pyjashorts" with short sleeves (and legs) will be more suitable and will allow you to stay cool while having the possibility of absorbing your nocturnal perspiration.

Women's black Mélinée shorts

Women's black Mélinée shorts

The importance of the choice of materials

Not all materials are created equal

In order to benefit from optimal comfort during your sleep, you will make sure to choose breathable and very soft materials for your pajamas. Indeed, even if you appreciate polyester because it wicks away perspiration, it also has the disadvantage of being rough and not at all eco-friendly! In addition, the inevitable friction of the garment against the skin when you sleep increases the risk of irritation.
To avoid these inconveniences, we encourage you to favor natural materials such as cotton. But keep in mind that not all cottons are worth it!

Supima® cotton for optimal comfort

If you find that certain cottons are a little too rough for the sensitivity of your skin, choosing Supima® cotton pajamas means offering it a material of incomparable softness, like a caress. The particularity of its long fibers makes it particularly breathable. Even on hot summer nights, you'll sleep well without the risk of being woken up by excessive sweating.

Finally, with Supima® cotton pajamas, your comfort will be lasting; it is a very strong fabric that resists wear and tear wash after wash.
The most resistant and softest sheets are also woven in Supima® cotton!

To go further, discover our pajamas for men and our pajamas for women .

Women's ivory Missak indoor trousers

Comfort yes, but remaining elegant

Comfort: the first criterion for choosing your pajamas...

In order to enjoy comfort that ensures you an unparalleled quality of sleep, you will therefore be careful to choose your pajamas in perfectly breathable materials that are adapted to both the temperature of your room and that of the season in question. course. You will also favor a loose fit, with elastics that hold without tightening, in order to leave complete freedom to your movements. For this, it is of course essential to wear a garment that is perfectly your size. Finally, do not forget to favor soft materials in which you feel good. Like your favorite cuddly toy ;)

Missak ivory lounge pants for men

... Without forgetting the elegance

If comfort is a criterion of primary importance for choosing your pajamas, this is no reason to disregard its aesthetic aspect. It is even essential for you to feel good about yourself and attractive in the eyes of your loved one.
To do this, you will therefore opt for a model with a simple and minimalist cut, and sober and soothing colors such as sky, ecru or light khaki.

You now have all the information in hand to choose the best pajamas for you. Whatever shape or color you opt for, don't hesitate to discover our range of Supima ® cotton pajamas for nights where comfort rivals elegance.

And if you prefer button-up tops and drawstring pajama bottoms, take a look at our organic cotton and Tencel™ Lyocell sets. A material mix also perfect for a night of dreams.

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