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What is the Oeko-Tex® label?

If you pay attention to the quality of the clothes you buy, you may have seen labels bearing the words "Oeko-Tex®". Here are some explanations to understand where this label comes from, how it is awarded and what are its advantages.

The Oeko-Tex® label: a guarantee of health safety

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Oeko-Tex®: an international label

The term "Oeko-Tex®" corresponds to a label integrating several standards and guaranteeing the absence of toxic substances, both for the human body and for the environment.
It was the German research institute Hohenstein which developed it in 1992. This took over the standards that already existed at the time to group them together and create the German association Oeko-Tex. Its 18 research centers around the world are responsible for testing products submitted by companies wishing to obtain the Oeko-Tex® label.

A single label but several certifications

The Oeko-Tex® label includes several certifications, the most common of which is "Oeko-Tex® Standard 100". This corresponds to the highest guarantee in terms of textile safety. Among the others, you can find the Leather Standard which is the equivalent of Standard 100 for leather or the Made in Green which is concerned with the traceability of a product and in particular the conditions in which it is manufactured.

To which products does the Oeko-Tex® label apply?

The Oeko-Tex® label can be applied to any textile, whether of natural origin (cotton, leather, etc.) or synthetic. This therefore includes clothing, but also bed and household linen, as well as fabric furniture, such as armchairs and sofas, for example. Some baby diapers are also Oeko-Tex® certified.

What are the advantages of the Oeko-Tex® label?

The benefits for the consumer

The Oeko-Tex® label assures the consumer that his textile purchase does not contain any ingredient potentially dangerous to his health.
It is therefore a guarantee of quality and safety, which is all the more important when we know that the epidermis is particularly permeable to all kinds of toxins. Choosing clothing or bed linen, for example, which is labeled Oeko-Tex® therefore protects you, among other things, from the development of skin infections.

The environmental benefits

The Oeko-Tex® label is also good for the planet. Indeed, as labeled textiles are free of all harmful substances, this eliminates the risk of finding them in nature and jeopardizing the fragile balance of the various ecosystems that surround us.

Similarly, to qualify for the label, the factories manufacturing these products must meet very strict ecological standards guaranteeing that they do not cause damage to natural resources.
As you will have understood, if you want to wear clothes that respect both your health and your planet, choose those with the Oeko-Tex® label that meet these two conditions.

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Our commitments at Talc

At Talc, the quality of our products is at the heart of our approach. Our mission is to bring you healthy, eco-friendly products that you can wear for many years.

This is why we attach great importance to the quality of the materials used. For this, all our indoor clothing is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, which guarantees the absence of toxic products and their reasonable environmental impact. So you can wear them with confidence.

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How is the Oeko-Tex® label awarded?

To label an Oeko-Tex® product, the applicant company must first apply for it by providing a sample of the latter. This will then be analyzed according to the control criteria of one of the research institutes belonging to the Oeko-Tex association.

Then, controllers will come and check on site that the manufacturing meets the certification standards. If everything is in order, the applicant then receives a certificate valid for a period of one year.

How do I know if a purchased product has the Oeko-Tex® label?

When purchasing fabric from the supplier, an Oeko-Tex® labeled product must include a label with the term OEKO-TEX®, accompanied by the name of the certifying body, as well as an identification number. Thus, the purchasing company can check the validity of the certification by going to the site. For a complete verification, it is essential to correlate the information of the product, with the name of the manufacturer and with the date of the certificate.

Products sold to consumers, such as those on our online store, may also have this label but it is not mandatory.

At Talc we have chosen to display the label on our product sheets. You will find a mention provided for this purpose in the details of each product.

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